PS4 vs XBOX ONE – Sales figures

20140317124149Approximate sales figures for the PS4 and XBOX ONE entering March 2014.

Overall the PS4 has dominated in sales in Q1. However, it is still too early to make lasting judgements. Titanfall has only just shipped for XBOX ONE, which could have a dramatic impact on sales and may rope in late adopters. Even so, the PS4 Infamous: Second Son bundle ships on Friday 21st which could also cause a spike in sales. While Sony are ‘in the lead’ solely based on numbers, overall there is not such a big gap in the monthly sales and according to this article at the XBOX ONE has still made more money due to its higher price point.

In short it is still unclear which console, and which company will be the most dominant after a full year of sales. However, with more and more big name titles slated for release in the next few months this may change.

Data sourced from:,,


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